I'm not going in...

... it's one foot and blown out. I'm not going in for anything less than 6 foot glassy with an off shore.

Where's my bucket?

Cheers Rob!

I can't drink Weissbier out of anything else now. Check out the pour too. First time. Near perfection.
After the Seventh, I drink straight from the bottle mind.


Rossi's Yeah! Brown flavour.

Starting this Summer...

... where I left off last Summer. Click for link to Spotify playlist...

Isla owns...

... the face of evil!

One more pirate...

... enough pirates now.

Fairy princess

For every nasty pirate, there's a lovely fairy.


The party season kicks in again.

I don't think any kids got run through with the foam sword. Although it didn't come back from the party. Did he get rid of the evidence?

Pinky pinky pink pink.

There's far too much pink in our house. Only Fin's room is safe. For now.