Fin's moving out.

He's had enough of Isla's harassing and being told to eat all his dinner by Mum. So he's moved out to live like Pingu and exist on a strict Haribo diet.

To cool for school

Fin's first school photo, taken two weeks after he started.


Fireman Fin lighting up the blues and two's.

Isla at Caffé Grande Italia

An amazing Café in Sirmione that hadn't changed since the 50's.
It even survived our visit.


Wysteria hysteria.

Two kids, one shot – never gonna happen. I admit this is a comp of two shots.


We met The General at the seafront. Good gooooood.


... I put up too many silly pics of Isla, so here is a nice one from Woolacombe last year.

He's a baby, he's a baby!

Yes I still have it and yes, very comfortable thanks.

Fin's ET finger

Back at Hadleigh Castle again.

Lounge Style

Not many people can pull this look off. Actually, nobody over the age of three can pull this look off. Thanks Katie B. for the photo.

Hadleigh Castle on a Summers Evening

Fin was looking for his dummy and blanket after I threw them in the long grass. Cruel to be kind, he'll thank me when he's older.

Fin or Isla?

Which is your favourite?
I like the bald chubby one myself.

My portrait by Geoff Appleton

Whilst at work I was unknowingly sitting for a portrait by our favourite illustrator.  (I have uploaded this at supersize for you to print out and put up on your wall or dartboard)